It’s Alive!

I finally got around to fixing my site. It was completely offline due to some WordPress issues that I was too lazy/busy to fix.

This is my first post in nearly 3 years! See you in 2018! :)

Baby Pac-Man Paint Codes

Hey there,

Someone recently contacted me, asking what paint I used to paint my Baby Pac-Man (which I no longer own). I found the can. Hope this helps!

This was sprayed with a regular (non HVLP) spray gun.

Thinning the Herd

Hey there, hi there, ho there. I haven’t posted here in many moons. Not sure if anyone is reading here anymore, but just in case I figured I would post this here. I have had very little time for this hobby of late.

While I still love it, I’m tripping over games, and only play a couple of them every once in a great while. So, it has come time to thin the herd:

Check out this hot sax

I’m Bart Simpson, Who the Hell are You?

Hey there! I got lucky Sunday night (no, not like that). I got a great deal on a somewhat rare item on Craigslist:

Bart Simpson

I’m not referring to the cat. He’s not that rare, there are loads of them all over town. I put the cat there for scale.

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How to Make a Q*Bert Topper in 54 Easy Steps

Behold, the Orange-y Power of Q*Bert



  1. This post is going to be one part tutorial, and one part photo gallery. If you have a problem with that, you can bite my furry orange nose.

  2. Warning! This post is a bit long, but it is SOOOO worth it.
  3. The fabric looks like crap in some of the pictures, due to the flash. For some reason, it looks almost reflective when the flash hits it. It looks much nicer in person. You’ll have to trust me on that.

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Q*Bert Sound Problems

What’s this, an arcade related post? Wow! Pretty crazy, I know….

I’ve been trying to get my games in working order for our Christmas party. For GTI Club, I’ve been struggling with a Wells Gardner U5000 (AKA steaming pile of horse crap) for awhile now and *think* I have that fixed.

The sound on my Q*Bert has been wrong for awhile now. I tried fixing this before and didn’t get anywhere with it. I didn’t think it was that bad, so I gave up for awhile.

I decided to take another crack at it. I thought that only one sound was wrong, the noise made when coily jumps off the board. I now realize that mine sounds pretty craptastic compared to how it should sound so I need to get this fixed even more now.

I figured this out by doing the sound test on Q*Bert in MAME. Here is how it should sound:

Here is how mine sounds:

Many of the sounds are missing or wrong.

There is a troubleshooting flowchart for Q*Bert sound boards here:

When I last worked on this, I did quite a few things:

  • Replaced the sockets for all socketed chips on the sound board, except for the SC01 speech chip at U14 (I didn’t have the right size socket for that)
  • Replaced all the electrolytic capacitors on the sound board
  • Fixed some issues with the header pins on the filter board
  • Replaced A10 on the main board
  • Replaced U16 on the sound board

For this new attempt at fixing it, I started by changing the socket for the speech chip at U14.

Q*Bert U14 (SC01 speech chip)

I didn’t have the right size socket, so I cut one in half:

Q*Bert U14 (SC01 speech chip)

That didn’t fix it, but at least I got to play with my soldering iron for awhile. :(

If I go by the flow chart, it looks like I should try replacing U15 next. However, I’ve read that U17 is also a common failure so I’m going to try changing that next. I don’t have any 74LS30 chips around so I just ordered a few. Maybe I’ll get lucky and that will take care of it. If not, maybe Santa’s elves will make me a new working sound board.

Tokens and Colonel Sanders/Mr. Miyagi

Hey there. I haven’t posted in over 3 months! Man, have I been busy with work. :(

I bought this marquee about 2 years ago:


I figured I could make an enclosure for it and light it up someday, over the top of my change machine. I have a small, narrow change machine shown here on the left without its base:
New (to me) Change and Pepsi Machines

Ignore the cats, they were curious.

I spotted the same TOKENS sign in a small arcade at the mall today, on top of a large change machine:
tokens sign on change machine

The picture is horrible, but you get the idea. I’d love to make a box out of sheet metal like this one for it, but I don’t have a large change machine to put it on. Someday when I decide to light this up, it will probably just go on the wall above my small one.

On another note, I saw a gentleman at the mall today that looked very cool. Picture the love child of Colonel Sanders and Mr. Miyagi and you’ll get the general idea. If he made me wax his cars, I bet I’d get a big bucket of chicken afterwords for helping out.
Colonel Sanders Hand Puppet


Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) 1932 - 2005

= :)

I am now a trucker

New (to me) truck


Imagine all the games I can haul in this. If only I had somewhere to put them!

Saving for a New (Used) Truck

Hey there! I haven’t posted in ages. This is a quick post to let you know what I’ve been up to.

I got rid of my old pickup truck a few months ago. It was sitting semi-dead on my lawn for awhile.

I have been wanting to get another (newer) truck for quite some time but can never seem to save the money long enough to do it. I decided when I sold my old one that I would get on the ball and get a replacement soon. I’ve been spending most of my free time selling loads of stuff on eBay to put towards it. Check out my current auctions.

I’m about 80% of the way there. I’m hoping I’ll have another truck in a month or two. Then I may be able to pick up some more games that I won’t have any room for. Stay tuned…

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