Monday was my 34th birthday. What did you get me? Probably nothing you dirty rat bastard.

We’ve been wanting to go away somewhere for a weekend, and decided to go to New Hampshire for the weekend before my birthday. The main place we wanted to checkout was Funspot. It’s the 2nd largest arcade in the country (we are #3). I’m going to take their word for it because I don’t have a ruler big enough.

My wife came home from work Friday, and we were planning on leaving right away. She told me the heat in the car decided to stop working on her drive home. There was no way we could drive all the way to NH (4 hrs ish) with no heat. We managed to rent a Dodge Caravan 2 minutes before Thrifty closed. I’m sure we were the envy of every soccer mom in town in this baby…it was freakin’ sweet!


We got there very late…a little after 1 am. Next day we headed to Funspot. The day before I had picked up our Space Invaders, and got very very lost coming home. I got tired of getting lost, so we picked up a TomTom ONE GPS across the street from our hotel at Staples.


You HAVE to get one of these. We will never get lost again. This thing is amazing. They also have a Mr. T voice you can download which I’ll probably try out very soon. “Turn left in 200 yards, sucka. I pitty the fool that doesn’t get on the highway in 300 yards, etc….” .

We entered via the “American Classic Arcade Museum”.

Of all the games I checked out there, I left wanting one more than all others – Mappy.


Mappy is incredibly cool. This game is addictive, and the cabinet design is very unique. I’m not sure why this game was a flop, but I am on the lookout for one.

You can see all the pics we took there by clicking the album link below.